Poleadion 60

Poleadion Marquee.

The Poleadion 60 is an 18m wide tensioned pole tent that can be configured with two centre poles (18m long), three (24m long), four (30m long) or five (36m long). The side poles are 6m (20 feet) apart, creating an elegant uncluttered space.

The beautiful sculpted canvas peaks of the Poleadion make an attention grabbing silhouette at any event. The tensioned white canopy and walls, with less than half the side poles of a traditional marquee, create an elegant, modern structure to host your event in comfort and style. The Poleadion 60 at it's maximum configuration of 18m x 30m provides an impressive 540 square metres of floor space, whilst retaining a roomy but not cavernous feel due to the highly tensioned canvas peak profiles.

Floorplan and Dimensions: