About Us

Our managing director, Mojo Fell, has worked in the events and entertainment industry for over twenty years. He has an innate feel for functional sophistication and a passion for comfortable camping. He has dedicated decades to importing and lovingly restoring classic American Airstreams.

Mojo & Kizzy – Airstream Facilities
With Mojo at the helm and his partner Kizzy taking charge of the office our team also includes a group of skilled craftsmen and faithful drivers. We have the most comprehensive and striking fleet of Airstreams in Europe and pride ourselves on offering a service to match.

We strive to enhance the natural charm of these original trailers while adding a modern twist. The polished, aerodynamic shell and spacious interior is the major Airstream appeal–this coupled with our sleek upholstery and state of the art technology results in an unsurpassable experience. Units are regularly hired for: production areas, weddings, festivals, corporate events and film/TV sets.

Every unit has been restored to the highest standard with top end materials such as stainless steel, hardwood and LED lights. We have a range of accommodation trailers as well as production units available. Features include: workstations, air conditioning/heating, flat screen TV/Hi-FI systems, fridge/freezers, monitors and cooking/washing facilities.